It is my passion to help make sure everyone regardless of their current situation gets help with computer training, repairs, software advice, security training for parents and children to keep them safe from internet stalkers
 ,predators, identity theft prevention and basic computer maintenance to keep their computers running smoothly.

Since computers are being used in the class rooms at an alarming it is often overlooked as a basic need for children who's parents can not afford to provide their children with desktop or laptop computer.
At Megalithic Computer Builders our goal is to give what ever service or product to those who can not afford these services on their own.

Please partner with me to make this a reality for the children in Lawton.

So they can have Laptops, Desktops and a safe Internet experience.

If you have any questions please call or E-Mail at the listed contacts.

or call me at 580-284-1995
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